About Us

Explore opportunity from a unique vantage point.
The EPIC view.

The shared experience of our fund managers has helped us define a set of Investment Principles, which begin with intellectual integrity and bring together the key learnings of our collective investing experience.

  • Intellectual integrity: objective, considered decision-making led by bottom-up analysis in our investments.
  • Concentration: concentrated positions in high conviction “best ideas” to outperform benchmarks.
  • Alignment: we manage our own capital, ensuring the decisions we make for our clients personally impact our fund managers.
  • Patience: compounding over the long term to deliver outsized returns, setting ourselves up to win through permanent capital structures where possible.
  • Common sense: we allocate wisely, considering the sustainability and impact of assets whilst always being focussed on value creation.

These principles guide all of EPIC’s fund managers across the full spectrum of our investment products. They accommodate individual autonomy in the search for alpha, but act as a framework within which decisions can be made confidently and rationally. We apply this framework in the pursuit of investment opportunities which share the following common characteristics.

Investment Characteristics

  • High quality management: we seek to back proven and aligned teams, augmenting with our network where appropriate.
  • Sensible pricing: we choose not to invest rather than overpaying for assets.
  • Strong sector fundamentals: we have a preference for sustainable sectors exhibiting growth or transformation, with plentiful opportunities to invest. We avoid industries or business models that we do not understand.